The Real Girls' Guide to Taking It All Off

form lifelong friendships

A Small Group Guide to Cultivating the Community You've Always Wanted

Whether you're looking to connect with old friends, go deeper with new friends, or for the next study for your small group, our lives are so much richer when we have best friends to share them with and this guide is the perfect way to get there.

It's not that we don't have friends...

Here's the thing... we have friends. There’s the girl from our church that we sometimes get coffee with, the girl who used to be in our small group that we see occasionally, the girl from work we got happy hour with that one time, the friend from high school that we’ve been meaning to call... 

But a smattering of coffee dates just doesn’t feel the same as having a group of best girlfriends, right? 

Life is so much better when we have that group of best girlfriends—the ones you plan trips with, the ones at your house every Monday to watch the Bachelor (no judgement!), the ones you call in the middle of the night when you just need someone to pray for you. We need women who know us to our core and love us no matter what. We need them close, in our town and in our everyday lives—not a phone call or a plane ride away. 

So many of us just don’t have that. We don't have best friends like that, and worst of all, we don't know how to get them. We’re going on coffee dates, trying to be intentional, but we wonder:

How many times do we have to get coffee before this stops feeling like an awkward first date and starts to feel like best friendship, already?

The answer? A LOT. But luckily... there's a better way!


With The Real Girls' Guide to Taking It All Off, women just like you, all over the country, are jump-starting real, meaningful friendships in just 6 WEEKS. And you can, too!

"It's been so fun gathering together and sharing stories. We've learned so much about each other, from the hilarious to the heartbreaking. And I look forward to hearing more from these women each week. 

With almost 20 kids between us, our get-togethers are always lively, but right there in the middle of it all, we're taking off layers and finding real friends." 

- Lindsey

Three simple steps to beginning lifelong friendships.

You're Invited

Gather Your Way.

Get one workbook for each person, and gather at your house or a friend's house. The gathering can be as simple or elaborate as you like—whether over morning coffee, a supper-club-style dinner, or simple take-out—you and your group can create your own special rituals.

Reading Together

Read Together.

Unlike some other studies or workbooks, the small group guide takes zero preparation or planning. You just get to show up! Each chapter tells you exactly what to do, step-by-step, asking all the right questions to help you share your stories.

Girls Talking

Share Honestly.

Bypass the awkward friend-dating period (that can last for years!) by simply agreeing to be open and honest. Taking It All Off helps transform your living room into a safe place for healthy community and sharing—rich soil for growing lasting, meaningful friendships.

"My group and I just finished your study, "Taking It All Off," and we absolutely loved it! Our group wasn't super close to begin with, we were all friends of friends, but now we couldn't be closer. In the study you asked questions that I would never think to ask, and talking through those things together transformed our group. They transformed me!

Now I have 5 new best friends, and I'm so grateful to this guide for making that happen. Seriously, best decision ever!"

- Cara

What's Inside?

The topics and questions in each of the six chapters within The Real Girls' Guide to Taking It All Off were intentionally crafted so that we learn the most important things about each other in the most natural, encouraging, and intentional way.  

There’s no preparation time, no homework in-between, and nobody needs to be an expert small group leader. Everything you need is provided for you in the guide!

Friendships & Frenemies


Friendships & Frenemies

Before we can build new friendships or go deeper in our existing ones, we need to know where we all come from. Some of us have a great history with female friendships, but for many of us, female friendships are a sore subject. We've been hurt, rejected, or feel like we don't have the relationships everyone else has. This week we're going to get it all out on the table. We're going to figure out where we're all starting so we can begin a new chapter together.

Lessons In Love


Lessons In Love

Whether we're single, married, dating, or engaged, none of us quite know what we're doing. Starting this week, instead of comparing our relationships to what we see around us, we're going to get in the ring together. We're going to help each other out, offering support, and advice, and resting in the fact that whatever we're going through, we don't have to do it alone.

Real Talk On Faith


Real Talk On Faith

So often we wrestle with our faith alone. We feel like we need to have it together on the surface, while on the inside we're wrestling with doubt, hard questions, or just feeling like we're an overall disappointment to God. But we don't have to walk the journey of faith alone.

If You Only Knew My Family


If You Only Knew My Family...

Whether you come from a great family, or a hard family situation, for so many of us, we don't feel known until people know about our family. This week we're going to open up about where we come from.

An Attack On Our Own Worst Critics


An Attack On Our Own Worst Critics

This week is all about our relationships with ourselves—a beautiful time of realizing that none of the women around the table are perfect, but that we’re all beautiful and deeply worthy of love.

She Will Move Mountains


She Will Move Mountains

This week is a commissioning week. We're going to dig into our dreams together, hearing about and discussing the impact we were each created to make in the world. Then we're going to talk about how we can help each other, and how we can come behind our world-changing sisters.

Stack of Books

Start growing the friendships you've been looking for.

Making new friends can feel like the worst part of dating. It’s slow, it’s awkward, and we have to rinse and repeat so many times before we ever feel like we’ve found our people. But this small group guide changes all of that.

Skip over the awkward dating process and get to the good part—the part where you have the group of best friends you've always wanted.