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I always thought my husband and his company would build my new website when the time came. What I didn't know is that my website would crash right at the same time I was put on bedrest while pregnant with twins. 

Me being on bedrest meant that our resident website genius was solely in charge of baby prep, and that our resident website novice (me!) had plenty of time to work on a website... that is if I could figure out how to make one.

Enter Northfolk Designs. 

I fell IN LOVE with their designs instantly. They were exactly what I was looking for. And the ShowIt platform was so easy to work with. I had absolutely no trouble building my website by myself. (Truly — I'm not a designer or a tech genius, and it was still so easy and fun — and bonus, it kept me busy during my time on the couch!)

And this way we had the best of both worlds. We were ready for the twins to arrive, and so was my website! Win win! 

Introducing Northfolk Templates

Want a website like mine?  Want to save $$$ too!?