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How to quiet outside voices so you can finally hear your own.

Welcome to the Everything Era.

Welcome to The Everything Era

It's this weird, wonderful, and wildly difficult span of years during which you’ll make some of the biggest decisions of your life all at the same time — and in front of an audience, no less.

"what am I doing with my life?"

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Which makes it extra hard to figure out what you actually want.

In fact, researchers have found that 80% of our most defining moments happen before we turn 35.

Who you are, what you want to do with your life, where you’ll call home, who your people are, which person you’ll share your life with, and whether you’ll have kids—there's major pressure (internal, external, and even biological) to decide the major plot points of our lives, all within just a few short years.

This season of life is only made harder by the fact that there’s (still!) this cultural insistence that there’s something wrong with you if your life doesn’t look a certain way by a certain time—a pressure that crescendos for women in this defining decade-ish.

Everyone and their mom (but especially YOUR mom) has an opinion about what you should be doing with your life... 

The average woman makes most of her biggest life decisions between her 25th and 35th birthdays.

did you know?

Create a Life You Love is a guided journey of self-discovery, helping you take the pressure off what you think your life is supposed to look like by now and intentionally, confidently, and authentically build the life you actually want to live — a life that looks and feels like YOU. 

Create a Life You Love!


'Poignant, relatable, and oh-so-important, this book is a must-read...

Poignant, relatable, and oh-so-important, this book is a must-read for anyone on a journey to better themselves in a practical, applicable, and reasonable way. Stephanie is tuned in to real-life challenges, and her roadmap also accounts for the inevitable pitfalls and roadblocks, proving her understanding of the human experience and how each of our paths are unique.'


'Create a Life You Love is a life-changing journey helping you answer the big question, 'What do I want to do with my life?' 

Whether about moving, career choices, marriage, or motherhood, let this book be your guide to making those big decisions with confidence and joy!' 


'Create a Life You Love is a welcome invitation to build life on your own terms.

Wilson walks you through thoughtful insights to take agency in your own life.'

- Eve Rodsky, author, Fair Play

'In Create a Life You Love, Stephanie May Wilson reminds us that it's important to be good stewards of the things we are given and that it's possible to love the lives we build along the way. This book was so encouraging to me that even in hard, crazy, or unclear seasons I can live in faith and joy, creating a life I'm proud of.'

— Madison Prewett Troutt, speaker; TV personality; bestselling author, The Love Everybody Wants

“This book was so encouraging to me!”

Stephanie writes like she is your new best friend, and honestly, reading this book, you will feel like she is. She makes women feel seen, meets them where they are, and then delivers practical tools to help them find freedom from societal pressures and comparison to create a life they love. I love this book, and I hope every single woman (pun intended) picks it up.'


'I love this book, and I hope every single woman picks it up!

'Stephanie leads with honesty, transparency, and authenticity. This book is a beacon of guidance for those who are tired of trying to figure out life all on their own. Full of encouragement and like talking to a good friend, Stephanie will guide you with wisdom and grace in Create a Life You Love.'

- Robin Long, founder/CEO, Lindywell; author, Well to the Core

'Her ability to understand the impact and navigate the weight of life's big decisions is unmatched. 

Create a Life You Love is for the woman who...

Create a Life You Love is for the woman who...

Isn't where she thought she'd be by this point in her life.

Is making a massive decision — she's swimming in pro & con lists, but she still has no idea what to do.

Knows exactly what she wants, she just can't seem to actually get it.

Has no clue what she wants — but knows she doesn't want what she's supposed to want, and feels consumed by so the conflict raging inside her.





sound familiar?

Is juggling several dreams — feeling like she's playing Tetris with her hopes, dreams, body, finances, and most important relationships — and she's wondering how (and if!) it'll all fit together!


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'If you want to create a life you'll love, and create a life with love in it — then join Stephanie May Wilson as she takes on 'The Woman Question' and more. You'll be glad you did.'

- Meg Jay, PhD, author, The Twentysomething Treatment and The Defining Decade

'This is a must-read!

'Stephanie has long been one of my favorite writers. She just has a way of making you feel like you're chatting with your BFF at a long overdue girls' night. And in this book, she serves as equal parts best friend who gets it and mentor who's been there. She gently guides you as you learn to silence all the voices that may be overwhelming you through some of the most important decisions of your one precious life. This is a must-read!' 

- Jordan Lee Dooley, two-time national bestselling author; host, SHE podcast

'If you're at a crossroads... pick up this book!

Stephanie leads the way with wisdom and experience, and this book is her showing you the heart she's wearing on her sleeve. Not only is she bound to become one of your favorite humans, but Stephanie is also the perfect guide to stand alongside you as you boldly build a life of beauty and intention. If you're at a crossroads where you're wanting something more or you're simply tired of living for the approval of other people--brew a cup of coffee and pick up this book!' 

- Hannah Brencher, author, Fighting Forward, Come Matter Here, and The Unplugged Hours

'Create a Life You Love delivers clarity, purpose, and the much-needed reminder that we are never alone.

Stephanie's words are a balm to overwhelmed women everywhere--each trying her hardest to live her life well. Throughout this beautiful book, Stephanie comes alongside you with the friendly tone of a dear friend and the wise teachings of a trusted mentor. 

- Emily Ley, bestselling author, Grace, Not Perfection

'Stephanie makes creating a life you love feel not just attainable, but enjoyable, freeing, and empowering. 

Reading this book feels like talking to a big sister--not one who pretends to have it all figured out, but one who's willing to do life alongside you while reminding you that you're not alone during seasons of wondering and uncertainty. When you pick this book up, you'll learn how to lay some heavy burdens down.'

- Danielle Coke Balfour, illustrator and author of A Heart on Fire

'Stephanie helps you find your path, make meaningful choices, and enjoy the journey.

'Create a Life You Love is your personal guide to crafting a life filled with purpose and joy. Stephanie is your guide to help you find your path, make meaningful choices, and enjoy the journey. I love this book!'

- Alli Worthington, entrepreneur; author, Remaining You While Raising Them