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My go-to tools and resources for creating a life that I love!

My go-to tools and resources for creating a life that I love!

 The tools, resources, and products on this page have made my life so much easier (and more beautiful and more fun!). I'm so happy to get to pass them on to you!

favorites + Promo codes

I wanted to make sure to tell you that the links on this page ARE affiliate links. That means that if you decide to buy something because of that link, my team will get a small commission. (At no extra cost to you!)

But just know: If I wouldn't buy something for my best friend or wholeheartedly recommend it in our group text, you will NOT find it on this page.

Everything on this page is something I personally use and love.

Whew, okay, official announcement over. 🀣

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Mental Health

I'm on a mission to help women get the help they need. BetterHelp and Faithful Counseling are the easiest and most affordable way I've ever found to find a great counselor.

It's super easy to sign up, you can get started right away, they have financial aid available, and if you don't love the counselor you're paired with, switching is easy and free!

Faithful Counseling

If you're looking for faith-based counseling, this is a fantastic resource!

Better Help

If you're looking for convenient and affordable therapy, this is a great resource for you.

Use this link for 10% off your first month

health & self-care

I LOVE Native's Unscented Deodorant. It's clean, natural, and does a GREAT job. (Their scented ones are great as well!)

I LOVE this product. It's light, hydrating and smells AMAZING β€” and it's a super clean product. This is my go-to moisturizer and has been for years!

This body wash smells and feels amazing. It's a clean, natural product that simultaneously feels cleansing and luxurious. It's like a mini spa day every day!

This is my go-to hair styling tool! It curls GREAT and the extra-long barrel is perfect for long hair!

This is the only toilet paper we buy. It's sustainable, made from bamboo (not trees!) and 50% of their profits are donated to clean water and sanitation non-profits.

I LOVE these. They are 4-in-1: cleaning, exfoliating, hydrating, and soothing. I use one every night, and it's often all I do to wash my face. They also smell GREAT!

I can't bring myself to spend $100 on a manicure β€” especially when I know it'll chip or grow out in just a few days. I LOVE these press-ons because they look as good as gel nails, last just about as long, and cost less than $10. (They're also SO easy to put on!)

A 5-in-1 daily anti-aging tinted moisturizer with broad-spectrum SPF 45 that is formulated to correct, protect, conceal, brighten and hydrate skin. 

My favorite face wash. It's a clean, natural product and it smells amazing. It's super gentle, and works great!! (It's my go-to for washing my face in the shower!) Absolutely love it!

This is a list of everything I've bought, actually needed, and truly loved throughout my motherhood journey so far.

My Motherhood Must-Haves

Pregnancy, babies, and toddlers

Modern fertility

I wish we'd had more info about our bodies before we started trying to get pregnant. You can ask your doctor to do some tests or you can start with something like Modern Fertility.

We had a really hard time getting pregnant, and when we finally did, we found out (surprise!) we were having twins! Here are my go-to resources from when we were trying and when I was pregnant!

Ovulation predictors

Did you know you can only get pregnant for about 36 hours each month? This Ovulation Predictor kit is how you figure out when those 36 hours are!

Ovia Fertility App

This is the app I used to track my cycle when we were trying to get pregnant. This app was instrumental in our trying journey!

expecting better

This book is absolute GOLD. This author has brought me SO MUCH peace in my parenting journey β€” arming me with actual information so I can make the decisions that are right for me and for my family. I can't recommend this enough!

prenatal vitamins

These are the prenatal vitamins I took while I was pregnant. My doctor had me start taking them months before we started trying so that my body had all the nutrients the baby would need whenever the time came! This brand was easy to find and easy to take!


The first thing I felt once I got pregnant was SICK. (Granted, I was pregnant with twins, which made the morning sickness extra wild!). Nothing helped my nausea... until my doc prescribed Unisom. Definitely worth asking your doc about!

Trying & Pregnancy

pregnancy pillow

This pillow kept me comfy all the way through my twin pregnancy. I gave it to my sister when she got pregnant, and I honestly kinda wish I still had it to sleep with. 🀣

Additional pillow

This wedge pillow was great for getting (and staying!) comfy while I was pregnant. I would use it while watching TV or resting β€” it helped a lot.

Baby center app

This is the pregnancy tracking app I used β€” it gave me information about what was happening at each stage of my pregnancy. So informative and helpful!

get $20 off Modern Fertility here!

Becoming a Mom: The Advice I Needed most in Those First few Months


Steph & Carl Share Their Story of Trying to Have a Baby


What to do When You're Trying to Get Pregnant but it's just not Happening


How to get Pregnant β€” Everything you Need to Know When You're Ready to Start Trying


How to Figure out if You’re Ready to Have Kids


Trying to get pregnant, being pregnant, and life as a new mom β€” NONE of it is easy. But it's WAY easier (and better, and more fun!) when we do it together. You can do this, friend. We're in your corner!

You can do this! (We're here to help!)

Girls Night Podcast: Motherhood episodes

boppy nursing pillow

This is a simple nursing pillow, but a good one. Comfy, easy to use, easy to wash, and cute β€” a favorite of most nursing moms!

Feeding Babies

Feeding our twins has always been a bit of a challenge, and so I was on a mission to find the best tools possible. These are the things that helped us the most!

best nursing pillow

This was actually my favorite nursing pillow. It's not as cute as the Boppy ;-), but it was great for nursing twins!

cake nursing bra

This nursing bra is a bit of a splurge (aren't all bras? πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ) but I love them. In fact, I still wear mine. They're so comfy. They feel like a gift for your chest. (In a time when your chest really needs some extra TLC!)

Nipple shields

Your lactation consultant may have feelings about these, so check with them. But I will say, this is the ONLY way we had success in breastfeeding. They were SUCH A GIFT. So helpful if nursing is super painful or if your baby is having trouble latching!

Dr. Browns Bottles

Our babies had really bad reflux and Dr. Browns were HANDS DOWN everyone's recommendation for us. (Doctors, nurses, lactation consultants, etc.) They really are the best bottles. (Yes, even though they're not the fanciest or cutest!)

pumping bra

This is the pumping bra that was recommended to me. I used it with my Medela pump so that I could be hands-free, and it was great! It's not fancy, but it totally does everything I needed it to! And it was easy to clean!

Hatch scalE

Our girls were born a few weeks early and so we really struggled to make sure they were gaining weight throughout those first few months. This scale was truly a life-saver for us. We used it before and after every feed.


travel bottles

If you're traveling with a baby who drinks formula (even if you're away from home for just a few hours!) these PopYum travel bottles are a GAME.CHANGER. 

(Also, make sure to have one for each feed you'll do while you're away from home!)

bottle warmer

We put off this purchase for the longest time and just heated up bottles in a mug of hot water. This streamlined the process so much β€” getting a bottle to a hungry baby so much faster. I wish we'd bought it sooner. 

Breast Shells

Breastfeeding can be painful β€” especially at the beginning! These shells offered me so much relief in between nursing and pumping sessions. (They keep everything away from your skin so it can have a break and heal a little bit!)

pumping at home

This pump is excellent. If you're looking for something that helps you truly maximize your milk production, I'd go with this pump every day. (You can also usually rent one from the hospital!) 

Table for Two

If you're having twins, this is a must-have. This is how we fed the girls (bottles and baby food!) until they could reliably sit up on their own. It's an investment, absolutely. But we used it 8x a day. I don't know how people feed twins without it!

nipple cream

There are a bunch of great nipple creams on the market, but this one was my favorite.

pumping on the go

The Elvie pump is what I used when I was prioritizing convenience, not necessarily trying to increase milk production. You can seriously pump anywhere with the Elvie pumps. It's hands-free, slips right into your bra, is quiet, has a great app, it's just a really convenient way of pumping!


We bought two of these in white and still use them. They blend in with our counter and are perfect for bottles, pump parts, and toddler cups. We'll probably still be using them when the girls are in college. 🀣

Babies need a lot of gear, and so there are a lot of things that just didn't fit on this page! Click the link to see the full, comprehensive list of everything we've bought, actually needed, and truly loved since becoming parents!

click here to see the full list of baby recs!

This is a list of my girls' favorite books and toys from when they were teeny until today! Everything on this list is Q&A tested, Q&A approved!

Toys, books, games, and more!

q&a's favorites

Quinn & Annie's favorite things β†’

mini cribs

We were really short on space in our house when the girls were born, and these mini cribs helped a lot. Technically you CAN use them through the toddler years, but they started to feel a bit cramped around 18 months or so, so we upgraded to...

The Nursery

This is everything we used to set up our nursery, and everything we keep stocked in it!

full size cribs

These cribs have been awesome. They feel solid, sturdy, they look great, I'd totally buy these again!

hatch sound machine

I didn't realize how essential a sound machine is, but it really and truly is. (Our girls still use theirs!) And the Hatch has by far been our favorite. (Especially because you can control it from an app, which is actually a SUPER helpful feature).



Pampers Swaddlers are our go-to diapers. They fit the best, they leak the least, they're soft, and they're high-quality. 

water wipes

These wipes are SO worth it. I always have a pack with me. I love that they are truly unscented and they're GREAT for sensitive skin!

our nursery globe

My friend Emily paints these incredibly beautiful custom globes and I am so in love with the one she painted for our nursery! (Use code GIRLSNIGHT for 10% off!)

diaper bag

This is the diaper bag I've had for the last several years. I absolutely love it. It's held up great. I think I'm actually about to get one in another color, that's how much I love it!

anywhere chair

The girls' great-grandparents bought these chairs for us, and we LOVE them. They're so cute, and comfy, and just their size!

bathroom rug

We've had this rug in the girls' bathroom since they were born, and it brings me joy every single day.

Nursery lamp

This lamp is cute, and durable, and not too expensive (so I don't worry about anybody breaking it!). It's also light-weight, so I don't worry about it crashing down on anyone's heads either!

rope basket

These rope baskets are too cute. I've bought several of them to have in the girls room to hold stuffed animals and other toys!


These animal towels aren't cheap, but they are WORTH IT. It's cuteness overload after every single bath. Zero regrets about buying these! I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

nursery blankets

We were given so many baby blankets when the girls were born, but I wanted them to have some blankets that I picked out. This is where I got them. They're SO cute, SO soft, and I just love them.

our favorite swaddle

We tried every swaddle available when our girls were little. There were lots of great ones, but this one was my favorite (and the easiest to use β€” even for grandparents!)

toddler toilet

We're just at the beginning stages of our potty training journey, but this is the toilet we've been using. Easy to clean, you don't have to empty it, it's easy to store β€” a win all around!

baby gate

Baby-proofing our house has made all the difference β€” both for the girls' safety and our sanity. This is the baby gate we have at the top and bottom of our stairs.

cabinet baby proofing

Again β€” I cannot say enough about baby-proofing. We have these locks on all our kitchen cabinets, and it has saved us so much frustration (and allows the girls to roam freely in our house without always being told "no!")

door baby proofing

These are the locks we have on all of our sliding or pocket doors. (Our pantry has a pocket door, and without this lock, they'd be pulling everything out of there CONSTANTLY!) 🀣

for nighttime diaper leaks

Our girls drink a big glass of milk before bed, and so we've had SO many mornings where their diapers have leaked through (even though we've gone up a size and have great, high-quality diapers.) These booster pads have been a life-saver. I cannot recommend them enough!

blackout curtains

We have two of these travel blackout curtains and they are so helpful! We bring them on every vacation, to grandparents' houses, etc. They are GREAT.

car seats

These don't go in the nursery, but they were a big purchase we spent a lot of time researching! These are the car seats we have for the girls!

Babies need a lot of gear, and so there are a lot of things that just didn't fit on this page! Click the link to see the full, comprehensive list of everything we've bought, actually needed, and truly loved since becoming parents!

click here to see the full list of baby recs!

our go-to sleep resource

I have her blog bookmarked, and we've taken all of her classes. Cara is the go-to resource I chose when it came to helping us all get some sleep at night. I love her approach and totally recommend everything she does. (I don't have a special link or code, but if I ever do, I'll share it here!)

Feeding Toddlers

This is a round up of the things we use most often when feeding our girls now that they're toddlers!

pouch & juice holders

If your kiddo eats pouches or drinks juice boxes, I cannot recommend this enough. One of my all-time favorite purchases!! Saves me from yelling, "No, don't squeeze it!!!!" 🀣

disposable placemats

A must-have for airplanes and restaurants with babies and toddlers. Plus, the pack lasts FOREVER. 


Best toddler cups

Have a weighted straw, dishwasher safe, super durable, and they actually DO NOT leak β€” unlike every other cup we have ever tried. (Can you tell this has been a pain point for us? haha.)

Counter high chair

We loved this high chair. It's great for small spaces because it attaches to the counter, and it's great for traveling! (It's also easy to clean!)

Ikea High chair

Our favorite high chair. Super durable, easy to clean, really inexpensive, it's GREAT. (The tray can be a little frustrating to remove, but just Google it and other parents will walk you through it!)

Travel high chair

One of my all-time favorite purchases for our girls. They work for years, are easy to clean, great for travel, and we use them at home too!

Toddler Tower

Affectionately called "The Tall Tower" in our house β€” this has been a FAVORITE addition to our kitchen. Our girls L.O.V.E. it. 


This is our go-to silverware set for the twins. Easy to use, easy to clean, it's been great!


Our go-to plates. We have one for each kiddo for each meal (6!) We pop them in the dishwasher when we're done, and they clean up great! Also, they have suction cups on the bottom to limit plate throwing. 🀣

& promo codes to go with them!

This is a list of the tools and resources I use in my business!

Let's get to work!

This is what I use to record our girls night episodes. It's a FANTASTIC professional mic!

My Podcast Microphone

The Blue Yeti Mic

Podcast Tools

This is the microphone I used for years. It's perfect for when you're starting out!

My online recording studio

The program I use to record virtual interviews β€” both audio and video!

We Haven't Paid for a Flight in 10 Years!

our go-to travel credit cards

And it's because of these rewards credit cards! We put all of our expenses on these cards (and then faithfully pay them off every single month!). But those miles have added up like crazy and allowed us to spend way more time exploring the world and with people we love!

get 50,000 extra southwest points through my link!

We've used this card for years and we also got a Southwest Business card for my business! Having those two cards made it way easier to qualify for the Southwest Companion Pass (which allows someone to fly with you for free for a year!). We've had it for years now!

If you fly Southwest, this is the card for you!

come fly with me

The exact bonus offer changes throughout the year. But if you click on the link it'll let you know what the current offer is!

The Chase Sapphire Reserve is the card we use for all of our personal purchases these days. You can redeem your points for flights on all different airlines (and hotels!) β€” it's the best travel reward card we've ever found!

If you fly with a variety of airlines β€” this is your card!

let's see the world

earn 60,000 bonus points through my link!

The exact bonus offer changes throughout the year. But if you click on the link it'll let you know what the current offer is!

This is the one I use and it uses the same points system as the Chase Sapphire Reserve that we use for all of our personal expenses β€” and so that way, your points add up faster!

Need a business credit card? 

let's be adventurers!

Earn 100,000 bonus points when you use my linK!

The exact bonus offer changes throughout the year. But if you click on the link it'll let you know what the current offer is!

Last year I was going on a girls trip (my favorite form of self care!). My friends and I wanted matching t-shirts to mark (and photograph!) the occasion β€” but we couldn't find any shirts we liked. 

So I made some!

check out my shop

meet my passion project!

Introducing, the Girls Trip Gift Shop

Here's a list of the big things and little things we've bought over the years to make our house feel like us β€” and really, make it feel like home!

Home: My favorite place in the world!

shop my house!

shop my house!

Glass cloche

I've had this cloche for years β€” it sits on our countertop and holds bagels and desserts and anything else I can think of. It's such a beautiful accessory that brings me so much joy.

House Accessories

It's the little things that make a house feel like home, and these are some of those things for me! These are things that make our home feel extra cozy and glowy β€” which is just how I like it! (And don't snooze on those Ikea lights. They're the glowiest ones I've ever found!)

Console table

I LOVE this console table. We have it in our dining room. It's sophisticated, high-quality, and much cheaper than comparable options.

Ikea Twinkle lights

Don't snooze on those Ikea lights. They're the glowiest ones I've ever found β€” and trust me, I've looked!

Best digital frame

This is the prettiest, most realistic-looking digital frame I've found. And it's so fun to have our favorite photos on display throughout our home.

drying rack

Most of my friends have gone home and purchased this after coming to our house. It's a really simple, clean drying rack that's so easy to store!

Ranger station candle

This company is owned by friends of ours, and every single one of their scents is incredible. Start with Santalum. That's my favorite!

the softest blanket

This is the softest, coziest blanket I have ever found. It's worth every single dollar. I'll be buying these for the rest of my life.

Coffee maker

If I were moving into a new house, this would be my first purchase. It makes AWESOME coffee, and it's super convenient. (Also, the pods are recyclable!)

Soda Stream

Okay, this would be my other first purchase if we were moving into a new home. I LOVE fizzy water and Soda Stream is the easiest, cheapest, most sustainable way I've ever found to make it!

shop my house

My favorite sheets

I am SO picky about sheets, and these sheets will be my go-to for life. So soft, and luxurious, and cool-feeling. Like the best hotel sheets.

my go-to pillow

I've searched long and hard for a perfect pillow, and to me Casper did it! Soft, but not too soft, supportive, but still comfy.

My office lamp

This is the only expensive/nice lamp I've ever purchased, but I LOVE it. I keep rotating it around in our house because it looks good everywhere!

living room couch

It's super comfy, super durable, and easily washable. (Great for toddlers!)

Our Furniture

Before I share this list with you, let me say that some of this stuff is EXPENSIVE. (Some items are more of a bargain, though!). But we've always wanted to buy furniture we knew we'd have for a long time. So we did a ton of research, saved and saved, waited for sales, and then bought these things. (And we did so over several years). But I absolutely LOVE everything on this list and I know you will too!!

bonus room couch

Comfy as a couch, and then pulls out into a queen bed! We've had (and LOVED!) this couch for YEARS!

Our bed frame

Classic, sturdy, and beautiful β€” I am honestly giddy every time I get to crawl up into this bed. I just love it!

living room ottoman

We traded out our coffee table for this ottoman when our girls started walking, and it's been GREAT. We use it constantly, no bonked heads, and it's held up so well (yes, even though it's white!)

Living room chairs

We bought these while they were on sale, but we absolutely love them. The leather is so soft, they're so classic. We'll have these forever.

My office chairs

I have two of these in my office. They're so pretty, have held up well, (and are super reasonably priced for such chic chairs!)

Dining room light

This was a splurge in our old house (we also got this on sale). But it made our whole house so twinkly and glowy. I absolutely love it.

Ikea display cabinets

These cabinets are amazing. They look so much more expensive than they are. We have them full of our favorite books and pictures β€” and we swapped out the handles for pretty gold ones to elevate the look even more!

samsung frame TV

I hate having a TV be the centerpiece of a room and that's why I'm obsessed with the frame TV. It's a great TV that looks like art, and you can change the art as often as you'd like! Such a good buy!

shop my house

living room cabinet

This was such a splurge for us, but we LOVE it. Right now it's in our living room full of toys and extra diapers. πŸ‘

Ikea shelves

We have these everywhere in our house. They fill the role of built-ins (both inside closets and on display!) without the cost!

guest bed frame

We have these Amazon bed frames in both of our guest rooms. They're simple, strong, and extra tall, which means there's enough room for extra storage underneath!

I've used this program for years. It's helped us pay off school debt, save for a down payment on a house, and stay on track for almost 10 years now. 


This password manager has saved me from about a million headaches over the years. If you don't have one, trust me, you need one. This is my favorite.

I've been such a fan of Emily Ley's Simplified Planner for years and years now. They're beautiful, thoughtful, and help you keep your life in order. (Yes please!)

Prose Haircare

Transform your hair with custom care. Take your FREE in-depth hair quiz and get 15% off your first order today through the link below! 

Girls Night Podcast Sponsors

A complete list of our current Girls Night sponsors (and the promo codes they gave us to share with you!)

Modern Fertility

Modern Fertility will guide you through your fertility hormones now, so you have options later. Get $20 off your fertility test through the link below!

Jenni Kayne

Simple silhouettes, total comfort, iconic style. Get 15% off your first order when you use code GIRLSNIGHT at checkout. 

hello fresh

Take the stress out of mealtime with America's most popular meal kit. Click the link below and use code girlsnight50 for 50% off, plus your first box ships free!

Olive & June

Salon quality nails at home! Get 20% off your first mani system through the link below!


Learn a new language with Babbel! Save up to 60% off your subscription when you use the link below.


Improve your health and happiness with Calm. You can get 40% off a Calm Premium subscription through the link below.


Find and book a top-rated doctor today. Many are available within 24 hours. Download the app for FREE through the link below!

earth breeze

Liquid-less laundry detergent sheets β€” great for your clothes and the planet! Subscribe to Earth Breeze and save 40% through the link below!

promo codes from the podcast

abide meditation app

Meditate on God's word with the Abide app. You can get 25% off your first year when you sign up for the premium subscription!

green chef

Click the link below and use code GIRLSNIGHT135 to get $135 off across five boxes, plus free shipping on your first box!

Native deodorant

Effective Ingredients. Vegan & Cruelty-Free. Goes On Smooth, Fights Odor All Day! For 20% off your first purchase, use promo code GIRLS during checkout!

text code GIRLS to 22433