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How to quiet outside voices so you can finally hear your own.

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I'm Stephanie May Wilson and through my books, courses, and podcast, I help women take off the pressure of what they think their lives are supposed to look like by now — and then intentionally, confidently, and authentically build the life they actually want to live.

I'm Stephanie!

Meet Steph

I speak Spanish and a bit of French!

Fun Fact:

2w3 — I'm a total relationships person

Enneagram Number

Eating great food with my girlfriends

Perfect Evening

pizza. Always pizza!

Favorite Food

Spain & my house

Favorite Place

I'm from denver, I live in Nashville, and I love both!


A bit more about me...

Don’t you think? And really, what better way to begin a friendship than with a gift? Friend, below are three free resources you can download today that will help you take huge steps forward in your most important relationships. 


I think we can officially call ourselves

Into the Unknown

10-day devotional


Are you Ready to Meet Your Person?

Relationship prep 


Are You Ready to Start Dating?

Dating quiz


How to Talk to Guys eBook

free first-date download


A 10-day devotional for seasons of uncertainty

A workbook to prepare your heart for the day your love story starts.

10 important questions to ask yourself before putting yourself out there 

How to relax, let your personality shine, and actually have fun while dating.

Goodie Bag!

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small steps and little bits of encouragement to get you started