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I'm an author, podcaster, speaker, and best friend — and my specialty is helping women thrive in their most important relationships: Their romantic relationships, their friendships, their relationships with God, and their relationships with themselves! 

I'm Stephanie!

Meet Steph

I know I’ve seen this play out in my own life. I bet you have too. When our relationships aren’t in a good place, when we don’t feel fully secure, seen, or loved, that’s when we start to hide. We strive, pretend, put up walls, put on masks, and in the process, we lose who we were created to be. 

(We also lose so much of our joy!)

But when our relationships ARE in a good place, it changes everything. Something unlocks within us — allowing us to show up as our full selves — as women who are brave, beautiful, strong, smart, and totally, deeply loved.

We get to be the woman we’ve always hoped we could be, make an incredible difference in the world, and have a life that’s not only fulfilling, but also so much fun! 

When our relationships
are in a good place, it changes everything!

That's what I'm here for! I’m here to be a mentor, a friend, a guide, and a cheerleader. I'm here to tell you that you're not alone in what you're going through, and that you WILL make it through.

I'm here to remind you of who you are (Enough and not too much. Adored, cherished, beautiful, and deeply loved.) and to remind you who God is (We talk about God a lot around here!).

I’m also here to equip you with as many resources as possible to help you thrive in your most important relationships.

but not sure how to make it happen?

Want that to be your story

In a season of uncertainty? This prayer journal is for you!

The Stephanie of my college years looked like she had it all together, but the truth is, I felt lost and alone. 

I was navigating some toxic friendships, nursing a broken heart, and in every area of my life, I felt entirely unlovable.

Where my story began

Part one

in a nutshell

this is my story

That all changed when I studied abroad for a semester. 

During a weekend in Rome, I met Jesus and became a Christian (in the Sistine Chapel of all places!). That day, God began writing a story in my life that’s been better than I ever could have imagined. (That’s the story I tell in my book, The Lipstick Gospel!)

The day I became a Christian

Part two

But that was just the beginning of my adventure with God. 

After graduation, I packed my whole life into a backpack and left to travel around the world for a year as a writer and a missionary. Along the way, God began healing the crippling insecurity I’d struggled with for years. I finished that year feeling loved and truly beautiful in my skin for the very first time!

The adventure of a lifetime

part three

Traveling around the world changed my life. I can’t believe I almost didn’t go! At that time, all of my friends were getting married and I was afraid that by leaving the country for so long, I would miss my chance at love.

But actually, it was because I stepped out of my comfort zone and into the life God had for me that I was in the right place at the right time to meet my amazing husband Carl.

Meeting Carl

part four

The beginning of our married life was sweet, but also really lonely. Just three months before our wedding, Carl and I both lost our jobs. So we moved across the country for a fresh start. I began a new life in a new city with a new husband and no job, and the toughest part was, I didn’t have a single friend. (I didn’t realize how important girlfriends were to me until I didn’t have any).

Starting over in Nashville

part Five

I had no idea how to make friends in a new city and a new season of life… but I knew I had to figure it out. So I declared my first year in Nashville to be “The Year of Friendship,” and I tried everything to find my people. It took a lot of intentionality, but I found amazing friends and now one of my biggest passions is helping other women do the same.

Finding my people

part six

The other question I had to answer was, “What do I do with my life?” I decided that I want be the friend and mentor I wish I would have had along the way. I want to use the lessons I’ve learned (usually the hard way!) to help women thrive in their most important relationships. It’s been the BEST job ever.

Discovering my calling

part seven

These days, when I’m not writing, speaking, or recording a podcast episode, you can usually find me in one of my three favorite places: Traveling with Carl, laughing with my close tribe of girlfriends, or snuggled up in yoga pants in my Nashville home. 

Life today

part eight

I speak Spanish and a bit of French!

Fun Fact:

2w3 — I'm a total relationships person

Enneagram Number

Eating great food with my girlfriends

Perfect Evening

pizza. Always pizza!

Favorite Food

Spain & my house

Favorite Place

I'm from denver, I live in Nashville, and I love both!


A bit more about me...

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