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This is a moment you've been dreaming about for years (maybe your whole entire life) and it's finally happening.

You've found your person, you get to plan your dream wedding, you are getting married!

You're engaged! Congratulations!

You want a marriage that has God right there at the center. A marriage that is full of life and full of love — intimate and vulnerable and connected in every way. You want a marriage that's a partnership, a best friendship, consistent, solid, safe, and secure.

You want to feel truly loved every single day by someone who knows all your quirks and loves you because of them (not in spite of them).

You want a marriage that's long-lasting, and that’s as exciting, playful, and fun in 50 years as it is right now at the beginning. 

You want to be the couple that people who feel cynical about love can look up to — proof that real, true, forever love does exist.

But it's not just your wedding you've been daydreaming about for years. You've been dreaming about your future marriage, too!

You just cannot wait to start your new life with your favorite person in the world.

You've seen what marriage can be like, after all. You know couples (maybe even in your own family) whose marriages have crashed and burned and taken their whole families down with them.

You also know couples who are still married, but who couldn't be more disconnected. They always seem to be complaining about each other, irritating each other, and arguing. They don't seem to enjoy each other anymore. They seem to have forgotten why they fell in love in the first place.

You know people who are deeply lonely in their marriages, couples who stopped trying years ago. They might as well just be roommates — the romance (and their friendship!) is totally gone.

There is a problem though...

Sometimes you find yourself worrying: "What if our marriage isn't actually like that?"

you do not want this to be your story.

You repeat: DO NOT!

You're not sure why this happens in marriages and so you're not sure how to keep it from happening in yours. 

Are there things you can do to set your marriage up for success? 

And should you be doing those things now?

The problem is, you don't know how to keep this from becoming your story.

Maybe you've hired a wedding planner, maybe you've started following all of the wedding Instagram accounts. Maybe you've put together a whole dream wedding on Pinterest, and you've printed out a timeline and a checklist of all the things you need to get done over the next few months. Maybe you've already picked a date, booked a venue, and started calling a long list of vendors.

Since getting engaged, you've spent a lot of time thinking about your wedding...

You are planning and preparing for the wedding of your dreams.

But what about your marriage?


You either don't have a couple you can ask, or you do have a couple in mind, but they're so busy, you can't imagine asking for more than a quick dinner.

You have found a few marriage books you'd like to read. You have several in your Amazon cart, but you haven't ordered them yet 🙈 (You are juggling approximately 10,000 things these days!) 

How do you prepare for marriage? What does that even look like?

You've heard about some great marriage retreats and conferences, but they're expensive and far away, and you're already taking so much time off of work for the wedding and honeymoon — it just doesn't feel practical. 

Really, you'd LOVE if you could find a couple to mentor you — people who have a great marriage and are just a few years ahead of you. You'd love to be able to pick their brains about engagement, wedding planning, and marriage. (What marriage is really like and what you can do to make it great!)

Help you lay a strong foundation for the kind of marriage you've always wanted

Help you actually be prepared for the huge life change you're about to make

Help you make sure you're on the same page as a couple

Answer the thousands of questions you're asking these days

something that will...

You need something comprehensive and practical

There are so many things you don't know, so many areas where you don't even know what questions you should be asking, let alone the answers to those questions.

You just know that this is such an important, pivotal moment in both your life and your relationship...

You want to do everything you can to get this right.

You really just need someone to guide you and your fiancé through this season.

Tie the Knot


A six-week marriage prep course for couples who want more than the perfect wedding, they want an incredible marriage.

We’ll help you talk through and make a plan for the areas of life that cause the most tension, arguments, and resentment for couples (especially in the early years), so you can lay a strong foundation for your marriage and enjoy a wonderful future together. 


The course will help you talk through the areas of life that cause the most problems for married couples (especially in the early years!), and it'll help you start these conversations before you're married so you don't have to spend your first year of marriage struggling through these things!


This course will help you...

Get on the same page

The course will help you get on the same page about what you want your new life together to be like and make a plan for how you’re going to work together to make that life a reality.

Make a plan

While it functions like a course (full of practical, actionable information), this six-week course will feel more like a series of date nights — helping you walk into marriage more in love than ever (instead of distant and exhausted from the wedding planning process!)


The course will help you open up, be vulnerable, and get to know each other on an even deeper level— helping you feel more confident and sure of your relationship as you take the big step into marriage 


Feel more confident in your relationship

Walk into marriage more in love than ever

We’ve had the incredible honor of being that couple — those mentors — for many, many couples over the years, and while we SO wish we could take you to dinner and talk through this all in person, we’ve created this course because it’s truly the next best thing!

Hi! We're Stephanie + Carl Wilson, and we'd love to walk you through this.

And we can say without a moment of hesitation, that we love each other more today than we ever have before: More than last week, more than last year, more than the beginning of our marriage, and more than the moment when we got engaged.

We are fervent believers in the idea that marriage can (and should!) get better as we go along (not just be great for a "honeymoon period"), and we’ve spent the last eight years making that idea a reality in our own marriage. 

But that’s not to say that our marriage has been easy. 

We've been married for almost eight years now

Just three months before our wedding, we both got laid off from our jobs on the very same day. We thought we had a community, a home base, and steady careers, but all of that changed in the course of one afternoon, and we found ourselves in transition, upon transition, upon transition. 

We thought our engagement would be the most romantic time of our lives, and we thought that we would have some time to adjust, to practice working as a team, before we had to go through anything truly challenging together. 

But neither of those things were true.

We’ve been through a lot in the last eight years, and so much of that started while we were engaged. 

We learned so much through that season, and with some wonderful mentors as our guides, we had some big conversations, made some big choices, and laid an incredible foundation for our marriage.

Because of the things we put into place early in our marriage, for the last eight years, we’ve been able to weather hard seasons, savor really beautiful ones, and enjoy every day with our best friend in a marriage that gets better and better with time. 

We were thrown into the deep end right away, and we were either going to sink together, or learn to swim. 

And that we can make your transition into marriage easier than ours was, while still laying a solid, wonderful foundation for the rest of your lives and all you'll do and create together.

Again, we so wish we could take you to dinner and talk about all things engagement, wedding planning, and marriage. But we're so excited about this course, because it's going to be even better than dinner. (We have way too much to share with you to fit between an appetizer and dessert, anyway!) 

And we love that you'll be able to go back and re-watch parts of the course anytime you need a refresher!

Our hope is that we can be for you what our wonderful mentors were for us — 

our story

Imagine what could happen if people invested even a fraction of that time and energy into their marriages!

On average, couples spend $20,000 and 250 hours planning their wedding.



Most Economical Plan


6 monthly payments

Most Adaptable Plan

You can enroll with one easy payment
OR, easy monthly payments to spread out the investment.

*when you sign up, both you and your significant other get access!

A downloadable workbook

recordings of the mentorship sessions

6 live mentorship video sessions (6+ Hours of mentorship!)

A six-week marriage prep course for couples who want more than the perfect wedding, they want an incredible marriage. We’ll help you talk through and make a plan for the areas of life that cause the most tension, arguments, and resentment for couples (especially in the early years), so you can lay a strong foundation for your marriage and enjoy a wonderful future together. 

A Marriage Prep Course

Tie the Knot

A private community with other couples

lifetime access to the material

here's what you'll learn in this six week program...



You'll learn:

✔️ What God says about marriage, and how to set yourself up for a marriage centered on Him

✔️ What you need to do today to set yourself up for the marriage you want tomorrow

✔️ What happens when you don't intentionally lay a foundation for your marriage (and wing it, instead)

✔️ How to make your time of being engaged about love and connection and preparation for marriage (instead of just about wedding planning, logistics, and who has or hasn’t RSVPed)

✔️ How to really enjoy and make the most of this engagement season

✔️ Solutions for your trickiest wedding planning problems

How to lay a solid foundation for your marriage

Week 1

and make the most of your engagement season, too!


You'll learn:

✔️ How to keep your love from growing stale (no matter how long you’ve been married!)

✔️ How to keep dating and pursuing each other now that you’re married

✔️ How to make a plan for birthdays, milestones, and holidays (so that they don’t end up in hurt feelings and unmet expectations) 

✔️ How to be vulnerable with each other while still feeling safe

✔️ How to navigate conflict in a way that brings you closer instead of driving you apart

✔️Conflict Resolution: How to make things right after you’ve had a fight

✔️ The steps you can take as individuals to make your marriage the healthiest it can be

✔️ How to communicate effectively and lovingly

✔️ How to make big decisions as a couple

How to keep your love alive for years to come

week 2

You guessed it — the key is communication! But we'll help you do it well!


We’ll help you talk through your expectations, hopes, fears, and dreams when it comes to: 

✔️ Where you’ll live: Both in the short term, and where you’d like to live in the future

✔️ How you’ll live: What you’d like your day-to-day life to be like

✔️ What kind of lifestyle you’d like to have: We’ll help you identify and communicate your must-haves, your would-be-nice-to-haves, and your must-not-haves. 

✔️ How you’ll work: We’ll help you talk through who will work, how much, and what do you each want to be doing. We’ll talk about how you’ll support your family and how you’ll support each other’s dreams.

✔️ Your future family: Do you want kids? If so, how soon and how many? 

✔️ Your community: Who else do you want to be in your life? What roles do you want them to play?

✔️ Your faith: What hopes do you have for your faith, both as individuals and as a couple? How do you want this to impact your daily life and your life as a whole? What kind of impact do you hope to have together as a couple?

How to dream + plan your future together

week 3

We'll help you get on the same page about the kind of life you want to live and how you're going to get there


You'll learn: 

✔️ How to transition into your real life together after your wedding and honeymoon are over

✔️ How to adjust in those early weeks and months of marriage

✔️ How to merge all of your stuff together and make your house feel like home (for both of you!)

✔️ How to be a good roommate (this section will save you from SO many arguments!!)

✔️ How to merge your time (we’ll talk through schedules, who needs how much sleep, screen time, expectations for what you’ll do in the evenings and weekends, and more!) 

✔️ How to merge your finances and talk about money without it being super awkward or fighting about it

✔️ Systems to put into place to make adulting as a couple so much easier and less stressful

From dating to married: How to make this huge transition well

Week 4

the plans you'll make in this section will save you from so many unnecessary small disagreements (and big fights, too!)


You'll learn: 

✔️ How to stay close to your friends when you’re getting married. (How to make that transition with your community instead of away from your community.)

✔️ How to balance time with friends, time with family, and time with just the two of you (without hurting everybody’s feelings)

✔️ Couple friends: Why you need them and how to meet them

✔️ How to create a support system individually and as a couple. (The better your support system, the stronger your marriage will be.)

✔️ How to navigate your families of origin — sorting through what you want to repeat in your future family and what you really, really, don't

✔️ What it means to be a Godly couple (and how to actually become that!) 

✔️ What to do if you’re at different places in your faith

✔️ How to pursue God together

✔️ How to find a church you both love and want to get involved in

✔️ How to keep growing in your personal faith in this new season of life

Keeping your Friends, Family, and Faith

Week 5

How to navigate your (other!) most important relationships after you're married.


You'll learn: 

✔️ How to make sure your wedding night is as special and romantic as you’ve always dreamed it would be

✔️ What you can (and should!) do today to prepare for a great sex life once you're married

✔️ What God says about sex (this changes everything!)

✔️ How to figure out physical boundaries while you're engaged. (Are there things you don't do, shouldn't do, why or why not?)

✔️ How to stick to the boundaries you set together (and what to do if you slip up!)

✔️ If you've been saving sex for marriage, how to make the mental shift once you are married so you can enjoy your sex life with freedom and no guilt.

✔️ How to keep your sexual pasts from negatively impacting your marriage

✔️ What you need to know before your wedding night

✔️ The logistics: If you've never truly understood how it all works, now's the time!

✔️ What a healthy sex life in marriage actually looks like

✔️ How often is normal, and what to do if your sex drives are different

✔️ How to talk about sex without making it awkward

Sex & Intimacy

week 6

This is the area that's trickiest for couples — no matter how long they've been married.



How to bond with your new family, set appropriate boundaries, and plan the holidays now that you’re together (without ruining everyone's Christmas traditions)

How to Deal with Difficult In-Laws

Bonus one


As a couple, do you need to be on the same page about your political beliefs? And what do you do if you're not? In this bonus video, we'll talk about how to keep political tension from causing problems in your marriage.

How to navigate politics in your marriage.

Bonus two


You're not alone in this, and you don't have to figure this out alone! In this audio interview, you'll learn what to do to find healing, and freedom, and redemption in this area of your life and marriage.

What to do if You or Your Spouse Struggles with Porn

bonus three


In this one-hour bonus video, Stephanie and Carl share their eight best pieces of wedding planning advice. (The things they learned the hard way. 🤦🏼‍♀️)

They'll share:

1. How to get on the same page about your wedding (what you each want it to be like and who is going to plan it)

2. How to pay for your wedding: How to ask for financial help, and how to manage your budget without losing your mind. 

3. Where you can cut back and save money on your wedding without anyone ever noticing (you won't even notice that these things aren't there!)

4. How to manage family expectations

5. How to make wedding decisions together (without fighting about every little thing!)

6. The Guest List: Who to invite, who not to invite, how to manage the relational repercussions of those decisions

7. A big mindset shift that will keep you from crying (the bad kind) at your wedding 

8. How to make sure you have fun at your own wedding (Everyone should be able to enjoy their wedding, but sadly, not everyone does!)

Everything we wish we knew about weddings while we were planning ours 

Bonus four

If you’re on the fence, we totally understand. This is such a busy, important, and expensive season of life. You don't want to spend another dollar on something that isn't absolutely worth it.

And so that’s why we offer our Tie the Knot promise.

 After fully completing the six weeks, if you feel like the program wasn't helpful, we will refund you 100%. That way you can sign up and take advantage of all of the possibilities available to you without any of the risk.

Our risk-free promise

Meet your mentors!

Stephanie May Wilson is an author, a podcaster, and the go-to guide for 20 & 30-something women as they navigate their most important relationships. 

Over the last ten years, Stephanie has had the honor of mentoring more than a million women through her books, her courses, and her chart-topping podcast, Girls Night

After taking her courses and reading her books, women have gone on to adopt children, travel around the world, step further into their identity and calling, and marry incredible men.

Stephanie’s writing has been featured on NBC, the Anthropologie blog, and Relevant Magazine. She has also been a long-time blog contributor for CNBC’s Nightly Business Report, Darling Magazine, and the Christian Mingle blog. 

When she’s not writing, speaking, or recording a podcast episode, Stephanie is usually packing for a global adventure with her husband Carl, laughing with her close tribe of girlfriends, or curled up in her Nashville home with her twins, Annie and Quinn.

Stephanie May Wilson

Meet Steph

Meet your mentors!

Carl Wilson is a design thinking expert who helps individuals, brands, and organizations create beautiful things that make a difference in the world.

He coaches his clients on how to shape their company culture with intentionality and purpose, and that’s how he approaches relationships as well.

Carl believes marriage is the most meaningful, challenging, and profoundly shaping relationship we have in life and is passionate about helping couples discover their relationship roots and intentionally build their family culture.

He’s been doing this, both publicly and behind the scenes, with Stephanie for years, and he’s excited to partner with Stephanie in teaching this course.

Outside of work, you can find him on the golf course, coaching lacrosse, or going on adventures with Stephanie and their twin toddlers, Annie and Quinn.

Carl Wilson

Meet carl

registration is closed. join the waitlist to be the first to know when it opens back up!

We have answers!

Have questions?

Great question! So many of us are new to the world of online courses (and they can feel a bit confusing at times!), so let’s break down what it actually looks like to join us. 

The course is made up of three main parts: 

1. Six weekly live video calls

We'll be teaching each module of the course on Facebook Live, but we hope our time together feels more like six dinner dates than a class! We hope you will order in, or make dinner ahead of time, and curl up on the couch together to join us. We'll be on our couch too (and may or may not be eating our dinner as we hang out), and then we'll work through a section of content together on Facebook Live.

Carl and I have so much to teach and share with you (including so many personal stories of our own — things we did well, and things we would definitely go back and do differently if we could!), and we'll also have time where you can ask us questions. Truly, nothing is off-limits. This is the time and the place to ask the questions you have about this season of life and the next. We're here for it. 

The live calls will take place each Tuesday (Feb 15, Feb 22, March 1, March 8, March 15, and March 22) at 7:30pm CST and will last for about an hour. 

(If you can't join us live for one or even all of the calls, that is TOTALLY okay. We know we'll have people joining us from all different time zones and with all different schedules. We'll be recording each and every call so you can go back and watch it at a time that works for you. You won't be missing out at all.) 

You'll have access to those video replays indefinitely (for as long as the course exists, which we're hoping is for years and years to come!) which means you can go back and re-watch videos whenever you need a refresher, a reminder, or just a pep talk! 

Whenever you do watch the videos — either live or on-demand — we do recommend that you leave at least an hour after you're finished for the next part of the course... 

2. The workbook

When you're finished watching the video (either live or recorded!) we'll then send you off with an assignment. It will either be a short activity or a series of questions to answer together, but this is where the good stuff happens. 

This is the moment when you take what you learned from us in the call and put it into practice in your own relationship. This will be a time of opening up, of vulnerability, of getting to know each other on a deeper, more meaningful level, of falling more in love. This is the time when you ask big important questions and really take the time to listen to each other's answers. 

This is where you start to get on the same page about what you want your life together to look like and when you make a plan for how you're actually going to make that a reality.

Then, last but not least, there's... 

3. The Community

When you sign up for Tie The Knot, you'll have the opportunity to join our private Facebook community. This Facebook group is reserved for people who are taking the course, and it's going to be a safe space to process what you're learning, to ask questions, and to get to know other couples who are in the same stage of life as you. 

(If you've been wanting to make more friends lately, or if you've been wishing you had some great couple friends, you are not going to want to miss out on this!!)

So, that's the course! If you have any additional questions about the structure of the course or how it will work, please do not hesitate to reach out! We're always here to help! ( 

Great question! We've designed the course for couples who are engaged. But if you're seriously dating or already married and the course looks like it would still be helpful for you, you're more than welcome to join us.

Nope! Not at all. We will be teaching each part of the course through live video, but if you can't join us live, that's no problem at all. We'll record every minute of our time together and put that video on our private course website (you'll get access to that as soon as you sign up for the course!), and you can go back and watch the video at the time that works best for you! 

The course will begin on Tuesday, February 15th at 7:30pm CST. That's when we'll be going live and teaching part one of the course. And then we'll be teaching part six on March 22nd.

This course is for couples! So men and women are both invited. The course will be taught by Carl and Stephanie Wilson, and it's designed for you to watch together!

I totally hear you. The thought of spending a dollar on anything else when you're already planning your wedding (and paying your normal bills, and paying off debt, and saving for a house... the list goes on!) is truly hard to stomach.

(We both were laid off from our jobs a few months before our wedding, so we started our marriage with neither of us having a job. We deeply understand how tight money can feel while you're engaged!)

But even so, we don't offer any scholarships or discounts. That's for two reasons:

The first is that we've done everything we can to offer this course at a rock-bottom price. Comparable programs, retreats, and mentorships are usually offered for upwards of 1,000 dollars! (Especially when you factor in travel and lodging and meals and more). And so because we want as many couples to be able to participate as possible, we’ve tried to keep the cost as low as possible.

The other reason we don’t do discounts or scholarships is because we know there’s such a strong correlation between what we put into something and what we get out of it. When we’ve invested our hard-earned money into something, we’re more likely to give it the best of our time and our effort. You really will get so much more out of this course because you have some skin in the game. It’s crazy how it works that way. But it’s really true!

What we've been suggesting to couples (that we did!) is that as you're putting together your wedding budget, to set aside a bit of it to invest in your marriage past that big day. (Whether it's for our program, another one, a retreat, or a set of books! We're in your corner no matter what you choose!)

Trust us, we know how expensive that one big day is, but we also know how important it is to set yourself up well for all the days that follow it. 

When you pictured your engagement, you pictured romance, right? But the truth is, romance can be a bit hard to come by during the engagement season. You’ve just taken on a project of epic proportions. You’re planning an event that’s bigger and more important than anything either of you has ever planned before, and you are on a deadline. 

You’re spending a lot more time tracking down people’s addresses, and calling around to vendors, and a lot less time going on romantic dates than you ever could have imagined. 

But we’re here to help. Our hope is that instead of watching these videos individually, that you'd carve out an evening and watch them together. 

Make dinner, light a candle, curl up on the couch together and join the call! We'll walk through a section together and then give you plenty of time to discuss, dream, pray, and work through a series of questions or an activity once we're finished. 

This is going to work like a course (in that you'll walk away with a ton of practical, actionable information and next steps), but it'll feel much more like a date night!

You'll finish the course having had six wonderful, intimate, connective date nights with each other, which will help you walk into marriage more in love than ever (instead of distant and exhausted from the wedding planning process!)

Great question! If you keep pace with us, the course should take about two hours per week for six weeks in a row. We recommend devoting one evening to it — watching it during dinner and then instead of curling up with Netflix, curling up with your course workbook and talking through the questions together.

We know it is so hard to find time for anything when you're engaged and planning a wedding and still navigating work and your normal life all at the same time. But we also know how important it is to carve out time for each other as a couple while you're engaged (time that's not about wedding planning). 

We also know that the work you put into your relationship on the front-end through this course will pay off and truly save you so much time later down the road. 

Because you talked through so many of these things, got on the same page, made a plan, and did it now – you will truly spend so much less time feeling frustrated with each other, and honestly, fighting about these things once you're married. 

(We say this from experience. Face-palm) 

But of course, that doesn’t change the fact that you’re really busy. If this is you, know that once you sign up for the course you will have access to the material for as long as the course exists (which we hope is years and years to come!).

So if you need to wait a few weeks to start watching the videos, or even wait a few months until summer or another time that's a bit more open for you, or if you need to spread them out so you do one every few weeks instead of one per week, you can absolutely do that. You can go at your own pace. The content isn't going anywhere. (And you can come back and re-watch the videos any time you need a refresher!)

Once you sign up for the course, you'll have access to all of the material for as long as the course exists, which we hope is for years and years to come!

That’s a great question!

First of all, we applaud you for not being on Facebook. We love seeing people make the decision that’s best for them when it comes to social media.

Second of all, unfortunately, the community aspect of the course really is going to require a Facebook account. And so if you don’t have one, you have a few options.

You can…

- Get back on Facebook just for the next six weeks.

- Create a new Facebook account just for the course. That way you can be part of the discussion in our Facebook group, but you don’t have to deal with any of the other distractions of Facebook.

- Join us for the course without participating in the Facebook community. While you will miss out on the community aspect, you’ll still have access to all of the course content, and materials. So you’ll still be able to learn and apply everything in your life, you just won't be able to discuss it with the other couples in the community. But that’s okay with us if it’s okay with you!

It's totally up to you. We're in your corner either way!

The truth is, we're not sure! We may be offering the course one more time this year, but also, this may be the only time we ever teach it. There is also the chance that if we do teach it another time, the price will increase by then.

So if you are interested in the course, we do recommend signing up now. Even if you have to wait and hold onto the content for a while before you're able to fully dive in.

That’s a great question! The last thing we'd ever want you to do is to invest in something that’s not going to really be helpful and beneficial to your life.

So we'll tell you two things:

First: The principles, ideas, and lessons we're going to teach you in this course have been backed up and verified by tons of other experts in the different fields we’re diving into. Not only that, but we have personally used and benefited from each of the things we're going to teach you in this course. We have been the personal guinea pigs for every single thing we're about to share with you, and these things have truly made an enormous difference in our lives and our marriage. (So many of our friends and mentors have experienced the same things!) 

Second: That being said, whether this works in your life is really up to you. You will get as much out of this course as you put into it. But I know that if you put your heart, your time, and your effort into this course and actually put these things into practice, it will make a huge difference in your relationship.

However, if you go through this entire course and feel that it wasn’t helpful, let us know and we will refund you 100%. More than anything, we want this to be truly helpful for you!

Absolutely. More than anything, we want this to be helpful and beneficial to your life. And so if you make it through the course and feel like this wasn’t helpful, we would be more than happy to give you your money back (Not happy, because we'll be sad that it wasn’t helpful… you know what we mean!)

But we do have three things we’ll ask you to do before we give you a refund:

- We ask that you complete the course first and submit all of your completed worksheets to us. We want you to really put your heart into the course, really give it a solid chance before you decide it didn’t work.

- We ask that you include a note to us explaining why the course wasn’t beneficial to you. We want to continue to make this course better, and so if it didn’t work, it’s important that we can understand why.

- We ask that you submit your refund request within 45 days of when you signed up for the course. Since the course is only six weeks long, we won’t be able to give refunds after those 45 days are up.

Absolutely not! Anyone is welcome! However, I will tell you that we do talk about Jesus, about prayer, and about the Bible throughout the course. So if that’s something you’re comfortable with, go ahead and join us! But if you’re looking for something that’s more faith-neutral, this might not be the best fit.

This course is designed to be an encouraging resource and a step in a healthy, positive direction, but it is not a replacement for professional in-person mentorship, counseling, or therapy.

We are not licensed therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, or counselors.

But we are HUGE fans of people who are.

Our hope is that this course is a great supplement to premarital counseling. There are things you'll be able to talk about in premarital counseling that we won't cover here, or won't be able to cover as personally. But also, there are things we'll share and teach that you may not go over in premarital counseling. 

Our hope is that they can work in tandem instead of you feeling like you should choose one or the other. 

We totally understand! We want this to be something you are both excited about and both willing to do. (Marriage prep isn't super helpful when it's just one-sided!).

So our hope is that you are able to find something you both feel good about. And if this is not that thing, that's totally okay! 

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