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Are you ready to put yourself out there? 

A faith-filled, 10-question quiz to help you figure it out!


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It's one you want to make with wisdom, faith, intentionality, and one you don't want to rush. But how do you know if you're ready?  

This magazine-style quiz will help you figure it out! 

This quiz will help you reflect on the 10 big questions we should all ask ourselves before we start dating.  

These questions (and the amazing answer key that comes with them!) will help you make the best decision for you today — a decision that will set you up for a wonderful, fulfilling season of life right now, as well as amazing relationships (and an awesome marriage!) in the future. 

Stepping into the dating world is a big decision!

How to know if you're ready...

Cambria T.

"This quiz helped me decide whether or not to pursue a relationship with my current boyfriend! I took it 3 months ago and learned a TON about myself! And now I'm in the healthiest relationship I've ever been in! 💕" 

10 questions to ask yourself before putting yourself out there...

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