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Hands On Beach

It’s a messy kind of morning- the kind of morning when you wake up and lay there for a while, letting your body and your thoughts and your heart come back together.

Our apartment is a haphazard jumble of the last week’s events, trails of busyness, weddings, meetings, adventures and things to be done.

Paints and shoes and camera equipment are strewn around, each finding their own little home in our small space.

My brain feels foggy- my body rejecting the inconsistencies of the past several days.

And ordinarily, my first reaction in a moment like this would be to fix it all.

My first instinct when things get crazy is to make a ‘to-do’ list and insist that I will finally breathe easy when every item is checked off.

But not today.

Today I don’t care that my coffee table is a resting place for hot sauce, paints and a few guitar picks—after all, there’s still room for my feet.

I’m embracing Perfect Little Today- messy and disorganized and jumbled as it is- with arms wide- allowing the easy Sunday morning to slow my heartbeat into a steady rhythm of grace.

– Grace for the hot sauce on the table- grace for unfinished lists- grace for needing a moment to breathe and take it all in.

Today is just a day to let my exhausted body catch up with my happy heart- and I pray the same for you.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Hope Naomi says:

    mmm lazy sunday mornings are the best…

    i’m having one over here in my apartment as well 🙂

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