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If you're expecting a baby (or twin babies), here's a list of items I would recommend right from my baby registry!

Take a Peek at my Twin Baby Registry


Hey friends!

I'm so excited to get to share this with you! The truth is, when Carl and I started putting together our baby registry, we had absolutely NO CLUE what we were doing. We registered for things we didn't need, and totally overlooked things we did, and all of it felt like speaking another language. I knew what to do for my wedding registry. I knew the benefits of good sheets and soft towels. But baby stuff? I had no clue.

Now, after 12 weeks of life with our identical twin girls (Annie and Quinn!), and after tons of Googling, shopping, returning, and trial and error, I've put together a list of the items that we actually use, love, and that have made our day-to-day lives just a little bit easier.

(This is just the beginning of my list — I'll make sure to add more soon!)

If you're in the process of putting together a baby registry right now, I hope this is helpful!

– Steph

Cribs: For the first 10 weeks our girls slept in these UPPAbaby bassinets (one came with our stroller and we liked it so much, we bought a second!). Now the girls sleep in these Babyletto cribs. these Babyletto mini cribs. (We got mini cribs to make it easier to fit two of them, but they also have full-size cribs in the same style!)

Swaddles: Our girls are great at breaking free from swaddles, so we've tried quite a few. My favorite is the Ollie. It's easy to use and super strong. But they were a bit too big for the first month or so. So we started with the SwaddleMe original and liked it a lot.

Car seats: We actually have a friend who had twins just a few months before us. She bought the UPPAbaby MESA car seats and never ended up using them (she had her babies in the beginning of the Covid quarantine) and so we bought them from her! We've loved them so far!

Stroller: Because we were getting the UPPAbaby car seats, we figured we should make life easier and get a system that was designed to all work together. So we splurged and got the UPPAbaby stroller. (Not all strollers work for twins, but this one does!) So far we really like it and I love that we'll be able to use it for a long time.

Onesies: While we do have different cute outfits for the girls, the thing they wear 99.9% of the time is these Cloud Island onesies from Target. They're durable, soft, they unzip from the bottom (great for diaper changes), and they're cute. We have probably 15 of them and just rotate through them. (It's amazing how fast we go through all 15! 🤦🏼‍♀️)

Changing pad: This is one of the most helpful things we've purchased for the girls. It's a changing pad that has a scale built in and so we can weigh the girls at home in between pediatrician visits. Our babies have struggled a bit when it comes to putting on weight and so this scale has truly been a lifesaver.

Nursing bras: I made the mistake of not ordering nursing bras before I came home from the hospital and I spent the first week or so trying to feed the babies and navigate my changing body all in my old bras — so uncomfortable! My best friend recommended Cake bras and I'm SO GLAD she did! This sleep bra is my favorite and since I wear it constantly, I ended up buying a few of them.

More coming soon!!

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