Last year I was going on a girls trip (my favorite form of self care!). My friends and I wanted matching t-shirts to mark (and photograph!) the occasion — but we couldn't find any shirts we liked. 

So I made some!

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Girls Trip Shirt Ideas for your Next Getaway!


Hey friends! We’re super excited, because today we’re sharing our favorite girls trip shirt ideas that you can use for your next weekend getaway or vacation with your best friends!

We personally love themed travel shirts because they can be a fun way to show off your squads unique style — and they make for the best photo ops (we made sure of it!!).

Here are 5 girls trip shirt ideas for your next adventure:

1. Customized shirts with your travel destination

One of our favorite ways to personalize a girl's trip shirt is by adding your travel destination to the design. You can do this by adding the name of the city or state (or both!). You can also add the year you’re traveling so you can always remember when it happened!

custom girls trip shirt

2. Location-specific greetings or phrases

If you’re traveling abroad, we love the idea of having a shirt with a well-known greeting or phrase from that city or country. For example, if you and your friends are planning a trip to Paris, nothing would be cuter than wearing matching “Bonjour” t-shirts for your travel day! It would put you right in the mood for seeing all of the beautiful sites and attractions.

Bonjour girls trip shirt

3. Out of office shirts

Traveling with your work besties? What better way to tell people you’re not in work mode than with cute “Out of Office” shirts. Plus, it would make for a really cute social media post to show your followers what you and the team are up to while you’re away from the office (and hopefully poolside drinking a margarita)!

Out of office shirt

4. Same design but different color shirts

Another girls trip shirt idea is selecting the same print design to have a cohesive look but everyone chooses their own shirt color. In the Girls Trip Gift Shop, we have shirts with the same print design that come in a variety of colors, so you (and your friends) can choose the color that works best for you and your personal style. Below is one of our shirts that comes in multiple colors (blue, green, gray, etc.)!

Girls weekend shirt

5. Personalized shirts with a names or quotes

Finally, we love the idea of adding personalized names or quotes to your girls trip shirts. You could put in your names, the name of your friend group, where you met, and more.You can also add in when your friend group was established. We think this would be an amazing way to commemorate your special trip!

custom girls trip shirt

Friends, we hope you loved these girls' trip shirt ideas as much as we did! Not only are these travel shirts cute and stylish —they’re a tangible way to celebrate your friendship and create unforgettable memories!

In the comments, tell us what shirt idea you’re going to try for your next getaway with the girls!

P.S. If you need more girls trip inspiration, make sure you tune into this podcast episode: Girls Trip 101: The Ultimate Guide to Traveling With Friends (It's Easier Than you Think). 

P.P.S. Wondering how to actually get a girls trip on the calendar this year? Check out this blog post!

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