Resources to help you thrive in your most important relationships

And as you try to figure out who you are, and where you’re going in life, have you ever wished you had a friend a few steps ahead of you who could guide you along the way? That’s exactly what I needed — a girlfriend who had figured some things out to invite me over, hand me a glass of wine, and answer all of my questions. I needed to know I wasn’t alone, and I needed someone to help me find my way.

Here's the thing: Being a 20/30-something isn’t easy. These are the decades that set the tone for so much of the rest of our lives. We’re making big decisions — taking ownership of our faith, choosing a career path, deciding who we’re going to marry, thinking about our future families, and so much more. There’s so much to figure out, and so many opportunities for us to get it wrong.

You DO NOT have to navigate this season of life on your own!

Thankfully, I had several girlfriends be that for me, and I’d love to be that person for you!

The SMW Resource Library

Books, prayer journals, devotionals, and small group guides to help you thrive in your faith, your love life, your friendships, and your relationship with yourself.


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If you're single, my courses are for you! They'll help you savor, enjoy, and truly make the most of your single life, all the while setting yourself up for amazing relationships (and marriage!) in the future.

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Do you ever wish you had a big sister to walk with you through the trickiest parts of life? Now you have a whole crew of them! Put on your comfiest sweats, grab a slice of pizza, and join us!

The Girls Night Podcast

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Check out more than 400 blog posts where I share my very best encouragement and advice on the parts of life we all struggle with the most. If you have a specific topic you're wrestling with, this is a great place to find some answers!

The SMW Blog

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You can connect with a licensed, vetted, faith-based counselor

Faithful Counseling

And here's one more!

Affordable Christian counseling from the comfort of your couch!

Therapy has made such a difference in my life, and it's one of my very favorite resources to recommend to women of all ages and stages of life. If you've been considering therapy in your life, I'm so happy to get to tell you about Faithful Counseling!

why I love Faithful Counseling:

And because I've partnered with Faithful Counseling, I have a special link that will give you 10% off of your first month of counseling.

Just click the button below!

At a much more affordable price than traditional counseling

And you can do it from home (no need to change out of those PJs!)

You're not alone!

I’m here to help you cultivate the healthiest, happiest, most loving relationships with your God, your people, and yourself so that you can be your best you, make an incredible difference in the world, and have a life that’s not only fulfilling, but also so much fun!

I'm in this with you now, friend!


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