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The Most Powerful Prayers I Prayed For My Future Husband

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If you’re anything like I was, you sometimes feel like you’re swimming in Christian dating advice. Some of it’s good, some of it’s bad, and most of it’s just honestly pretty unhelpful. Along the way, one of the things I was told to take seriously was prayer for my future husband. And that makes sense, right?

Dating, finding the right person, and committing to them for life — those aren’t things we want to attempt without God in our corner. 😅

But if you're anything like me, that particular piece of Christian dating advice has left you with more questions than answers. 

You're thinking, Yes! I want to be intentional about prayer for my future husband. But what am I supposed to pray for exactly? And how??

I was always very clear on the fact that I needed God’s help with my love life. I just wasn’t so clear on how to ask for it. 

My search history was full of things like “Christian dating advice” and “preparing for marriage” and “prayer for future husband”.

I wanted to know…

– What am I supposed to pray for exactly?

– Is there a right way to pray for my future marriage, and if so, what is that right way?

– Is there anything else I should be specifically praying for?

– Is there anything else I should be doing now so I’m ready for marriage when the time comes?

– What about my life today? How can I grow as a person and in my faith right now, so I’m the woman I want to be no matter my relationship status?

– And how do I make sure I’m setting myself up for an awesome future, while still savoring my life in the present?

I would have LOVED to have a resource to walk me through prayer for my future husband a few years ago, but I could never find one. I could never find a resource that was truly helpful (and that wasn’t cheesy!) and so years later, I decided to make one myself. 


Introducing Every Single Moment

Every Single Moment Prayer journal for single women to pray for their future husbands
Every Single Moment Prayer journal for single women to pray for their future husbands

Filled with easy-to-follow prayer prompts, this beautiful 100-day guided journal will help you answer the question, “How can I be intentional about prayer for my future husband?”

But that’s just the beginning…

Over the course of 100 days, these prayer prompts will help you heal from the past, grow in the present, and find joy, peace, and purpose in your life right now, today.

You’ll feel connected with God through prayer in a whole new way — leaving you full of joy, alive with hope, and ready for love.

Best of all, when you finish the journal, you’ll find yourself with a beautiful time-capsule keepsake of this chapter of your love story, and where God showed up in the midst of it.

I personally love looking back on my prayer journals, especially the ones from the season right before I met my husband, Carl. I love remembering how I was growing, what I was learning, the journey God and I went on together that made me the woman I am today.

Every Single Moment mattered, and I'm so glad I took the time to write it all down.

I also love re-reading the prayers I prayed specifically for Carl before I even met him. God answered my prayers so clearly and directly, personally and beautifully, and I'm not sure I would have noticed the fullness of God's faithfulness without my prayer journal.

Going back and re-reading the story reminds me of how trustworthy our God truly is. He was faithful in my life then, and He'll be faithful in my life today. 

To read my favorite prayers I prayed before we got married and to start your own prayer journal journey, make sure you grab your own copy of Every Single Moment.

Here are just a few examples of the prayer prompts included in the journal:

Day 2 

“When I was single, I rarely talked about how I felt about it. I didn’t want people to know I was struggling. I didn’t even want to admit it to myself. At times, being single was hard enough in private. But if people knew that I didn’t necessarily want to be single, that felt like public failure. The thing I learned though, is that my struggles didn’t disappear because I was hiding them—they actually tended to get worse. Conversely, when I was able to shine a light on the hurting places within my heart, I started to heal and grow. Today, pray and ask God to help you be honest and open as you pray over these next three months.”

Day 19

“Is there a dream that you’ve been putting off because you’re afraid it’ll take you away from meeting your person? 

Today, spend a few minutes asking this simple (but important!) question: If you knew that God had the husband thing totally handled, what’s a dream you’d want to pursue?”

Day 23

“There’s nothing you can do to make God love you more than He does right now, and there’s nothing you can do to make God love you less than He does right this second. Because of Jesus, you’re in good standing with God. He loves you, you have access to Him, and He wants a relationship with you—right this second, and forever. Take some time to journal about how it feels to hear that truth today.”

If you’re loving these prompts and want access to all of them, just follow this link to my shop and grab your own copy of my book today! I would seriously love to share it with you! 

Love you all,

XO, Stephanie

P.S. If you want to hear more on this topic, make sure you listen to this podcast episode: Girls Night #81: A New Perspective on Preparing for Marriage and Praying for Your Future Husband.

P.P.S. If you'd love to start prayer journaling, but aren't sure where to begin, here's a blog post all about how to start prayer journaling (and why it's so beneficial for your faith)!

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